Marvelous Monday Homeschool Curriculum Review Series

Marvelous Monday was a homeschool curriculum review series that my friend, Kendra, of Preschoolers and Peace fame, and I co-wrote. Every Monday, for several weeks, we each wrote our own posts recommending our favorite homeschool books and products for a specific subject. It was fun, and between the two of us, a lot of great homeschooling materials were reviewed.

Below are the links to the posts we wrote. Click “Kendra” for her posts and “Cheryl” for mine.

Preschool and Kindergarten:  Kendra Cheryl

Electives:     Kendra Cheryl

Geography:     Kendra Cheryl

Art & Music:     Kendra Cheryl

Foreign Languages:     Kendra Cheryl

Logic:     Kendra Cheryl

Science:     Kendra Cheryl

Handwriting & Spelling:     Kendra Cheryl

English & Grammar:     Kendra Cheryl

Literature:     Kendra Cheryl

History:    Kendra Cheryl

Math:     Kendra Cheryl

Phonics:     Kendra Cheryl

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