The Paperless Homemaking Series

This series will give you all of the whys, and, more importantly, the hows, for using technology to make homemaking more convenient, efficient and less wasteful. Paperless homemaking is a great way to look well to the ways of our households.

There’s An App For That – Why I Use Evernote for Everything

Paperless Homemaking – An Introduction

Setting Up Evernote For Paperless Homemaking

Why I’m Moving All Of My Recipes To Evernote

Using Evernote As Your Recipe Box (A step-by-step guide)

Coming in the Next Few Weeks:

  • Gathering Recipes Into Evernote From the Internet (and elsewhere)
  • Planning Menus Using Evernote
  • The Evernote Homemaker’s Journal
  • Important Records and Documents Can Be Paperless, Too
  • More!



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