Copper’s Day Off Is Every Day

On March 23, after almost thirty-two years as a deputy sheriff, Copper’s retirement clock finally counted down to zero, and my husband retired. It was a JOYFUL day! (Note – This post contains affiliate links.)

Since that time, we’ve been making our way through all of the changes that come with retirement, though retirement here […]

Copper’s Day Off – 8mm Edition

Today is Copper’s Day off. In fact, he has been home from work for about a week, and he will be home through next weekend. The poor guy has been dealing with kidney stones. We’ve travelled this road before and often, though it’s been awhile since his last episode. It’s been several years since he’s […]

Copper’s Day Off – Licensed Drivers and Moose Tracks Ice Cream

Today was Copper’s day off, and what a full day it has been!

Loaded baked potatoes for a working lunch.

We are in full retirement planning mode here. After more than thirty years in law enforcement, my husband has decided to retire in March. Our budget will be getting a bit of an overhaul […]

Copper’s Day Off – We May Be Crazy Edition

I really do appreciate overtime shifts, and I appreciate that my husband so willingly works them. I was really glad today, though, that the phone didn’t ring way too early in the morning and that my husband was able to enjoy this holiday Monday at home.

Most of you know that Will enjoyed his very […]

Copper’s Day Off – The Heat Is On!

We’ve had triple digit temperatures for six days now, and the forecast calls for triple digits until Friday. Northern California is sizzling!

Copper carefully unpacking his new TV.

Copper has long wanted a new TV and a Blue-ray player. That man works so much overtime, but the money always seems […]

Copper’s Day Off – Play Ball!

Will had the opportunity to play in a summer baseball league. It’s through the same organization that he played ball with during the regular season. The league is meant to be, more or less, “just for fun” with no trophies, uniforms, etc. We’ve missed baseball these last few weeks, and it’s fun to know that […]

Copper’s Day Off – A Curriculum Ordering, Home Improving, Productively Sewing Kind of Day

The heat of summer has arrived here in northern California, so we spent the majority of the day working inside. We all were busy with various, separate tasks and managed, between us, to accomplish not much of anything! Days like that happen.

The day was still productive, we just don’t have much to show for […]

Copper’s Day Off – Fruitful!

The summer weather is here, but all of the good, sweet fruit of summer is here with it.

We have lots and lots of blueberries this year.


We stayed busy today with needful things around the house, the boys homeschooling, Copper still working on the house trim, and a run to the vet […]

When It’s Not Copper’s Day Off

Copper was called in for a twelve hour overtime shift early this morning. He worked those twelve hours, came home a little after seven this evening, and then started caulking the windows on the front of the house in preparation for painting the trim around them. He works hard, that guy!

We worked hard today, […]

Copper’s Day Off – A Day in June Edition

We had a hot weekend, but today was a beautiful June day! Copper, Dani and I spent most of it running errands far and wide. It’s nice to be able to do most of our shopping and errands on our Fortnightly Marketing Peregrination every other Saturday, but sometimes things need to be done on a […]