I Kind Of Miss Reading….

Winter Olympic viewing has been fun for the last week or so, but I kind of miss reading. Actually, I miss it a lot! The excitement of the games has been fun, but I’m actually longing to settle into my chair, put my feet up, and spend some serious time in a book. Next week […]

Reading and Stitching – Olympic Edition

Are you watching the Winter Olympics from Sochi? We are, and we’ve been enjoying every minute of it.

Lots of knitting and stitching happening during all of that time in front of the TV. I keep an embroidery and a knitting project in the basket next to […]

The Weeks Just Fly By

The weeks just fly by, don’t they? January is almost over, and it seems like Christmas was just a couple of weeks ago. It seems to pass by so quickly, but as I look back at what all has been accomplished in these last weeks, the date on the calendar makes sense. We’re back to […]

Progress Is Progress, No Matter How Small

Sometimes, I think, we can get discouraged when we aren’t accomplishing things quite as quickly as we’d like. We’re better served to look at what we have accomplished with gratitude.

I was just sure, when I posted last week about my creativity and reading goals, that I would have finished piecing the […]

Some Plans For The Year Ahead

I mentioned yesterday that I’d realigned my personal schedule (it’s more of a flow chart, really), to better reflect my personal priorities. As I looked back over the months that were 2013, I realized that I had not read nearly as much as I would have liked, and the time that I was able to […]

Stitching, Reading, Remodeling

My little hexie project has been forsaken for the last few weeks. I started working on the second piece again this week. I’m learning from the mistakes I made with the first hexie flower, and I’m refining my applique technique a bit with this second one. I plan to keep one for myself and give […]

Eclectic Summer Crafting

I’ve always been sort of an eclectic reader, preferring to have three or more very different books going at once , which allows me to match my energy level and/or mood to my reading choice. It turns out, I’m every bit as eclectic in my crafting. It’s not unusual for me to have a couple […]

The Saturday Acrostic – October 15, 2011

The Saturday Acrostic – A week end review, using eight pictures and eight words in an acrostic format.

S – A – T – U – R – D – A – Y






Unbelievable! (The recipe is here.)

Business Card Holder for Dani

Awhile back, while puttering around on Pinterest, Dani and I found a tutorial for a cute business card holder. She mentioned that maybe I should make one for her, but I’d already started planning to do just that!

Using scraps from one of the fabric lines for girls in her shop, and this beautiful pinafore […]