Where Is It? Keeping Track of Stuff – Quick Tip Tuesday


“Hey, Mom! Do you know where I put…..?”. Sound familiar?

I tend to make sure that there’s a place for everything and that stuff, for the most part, gets put into its proper place. There are lots of little odds and ends, though, that seem to be easily misplaced, and there are other […]

Using Evernote As Your Recipe Box

Evernote is a great way to keep track of all of your recipes. In fact, Evernote is now my primary recipe box. It’s the one app I use all day, almost every day. Here are some suggestions for you so that you can get started using Evernote for your own recipes.

(If you […]

Setting Up Evernote For Paperless Homemaking

Evernote is my go to app for everything. As I work towards making my home, and my homemaking, as paperless as possible, Evernote is proving to be just the right tool for the job. I’m now using Evernote as my paperless homemaker’s journal, my recipe box, and my filing cabinet for a hundred other purposes. […]

Why All Of My Recipes Are Moving To Evernote

I’m moving all of my hundreds of recipes to Evernote. Let me tell you why.

I’ve been married and cooking for two or more people for more than thirty-five years. I’ve collected a lot of recipes during that time and I’ve had various ways of keeping them so they were easy to use – binders, […]

Paperless Homemaking – An Introduction

Though my home is not (yet) entirely paperless, I have made most aspects of my day to day homemaking paperless. My old homemaker’s journals and planners? Paperless. To-Do lists? Paperless. Household schedules and routines? Paperless. Menu planning? Paperless. Recipes? I have hundreds, but even there I am moving towards being completely paperless. […]

There’s An App For That – Why I Use Evernote For Almost Everything

Most of us have computers or smartphones that use apps. We have an app for our grocery list, an app for our recipes, an app to keep track of our yarn or fabric stash, an app for menu planning, an app for homeschool planning, and app for this and an app for that. Too many […]