REBOOT: Let’s Catch Up

You know, in many ways, these last couple of years have been a very hard season; but it’s all been wonderful and good and I am blessed by all of it. In the course of about three months time, Dani got married and moved an hour or so away, Aaron graduated from high school and […]

Attention! It’s Still Summer!

No matter what site I visit on the Internet these days, folks are talking about fall. Fall sales. Fall decorating. Christmas ideas!!!!!

Attention, everyone! It’s still summer!

Fall has always been my favorite season, for a variety of reasons; but this year I am savoring every, single day of summer. With the official start of […]

Hot Fun In The Summertime & An Announcement!

Having Copper home for the summer, now that he’s retired, has been, well, different! In the past, our summer activities have all needed to be planned in advance around his rather odd days off. These days, we can be more spontaneous.

My across-the-road friend asked me to take care of her beautiful gardens […]

Something New For His Summer

My Will. He’s fourteen and a bit of a goofball. He always has been. He thought he’d like to change things up a bit for the summer.




Our church’s youth group will be away for summer camp next week, and Will was assigned […]

Six Months Ago Today – or – Happy Six Monthiversary Dani & Sean!

Six months ago today, Dani married the love of her life. In so many ways, it seems like the wedding was just yesterday. Thank you all so very much for patiently waiting for me to share the wedding with you. There are quite a few photos here, but there were so many, many more that […]

The S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Acrostic – Sept. 8, 2012

The S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Acrostic.

Sharing my week, as captured in eight photos and eight words, in an acrostic format.


This praying mantis is spending his days under my front porch rail.




Back to school All Stars for me.

All Stars



A catcher must be able to accurately […]

Copper’s Day Off – We May Be Crazy Edition

I really do appreciate overtime shifts, and I appreciate that my husband so willingly works them. I was really glad today, though, that the phone didn’t ring way too early in the morning and that my husband was able to enjoy this holiday Monday at home.

Most of you know that Will enjoyed his very […]

Hanging On To Summer’s Coat Tails

Summer is flying by! I’m hanging on to her coat tails, trying to slow down the pace, but it’s not working.


Copper and I have found the importance (and luxury) of saving up throughout the year to get away for a few days for our anniversary. Last week we celebrated […]

Copper’s Day Off – The Heat Is On!

We’ve had triple digit temperatures for six days now, and the forecast calls for triple digits until Friday. Northern California is sizzling!

Copper carefully unpacking his new TV.

Copper has long wanted a new TV and a Blue-ray player. That man works so much overtime, but the money always seems […]

Copper’s Day Off – Play Ball!

Will had the opportunity to play in a summer baseball league. It’s through the same organization that he played ball with during the regular season. The league is meant to be, more or less, “just for fun” with no trophies, uniforms, etc. We’ve missed baseball these last few weeks, and it’s fun to know that […]