What’s Ahead in the New Year?

The blog will be on a short break through the first of the year as my family celebrates the new year together. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I’ll continue posting there as we wind down the old year, and welcome in the new, including some fun photos […]

Resolutions, Goals, And Grace

It’s hard to look back over our accomplishments, or lack thereof, for the past year with an objective eye. We are either very pleased with what we see, or we feel dismayed. Whatever 2013 brought your way, I hope, as you look back over the year and weigh what you’d hoped would happen, and against […]

Remembering Priorities

I learned long ago that things fall apart pretty quickly when we allow our priorities to get out of whack. Almost thirty years ago, I attended a class for moms where priorities were the key teaching point. It didn’t sink in right away, but oh, how I have learned the wisdom of that teaching now.


Using The Envelope System For Time Management

Late summer is the ideal time to begin planning for fall. Fall traditionally heralds back-to-school and the return to more structured days after summer’s more relaxed pace. The long, hot days of late summer, are often the perfect time to begin planning for fall. We can take the time to look over our current schedules […]

Prioritizing Projects From My Goals List

My goals lists for 2012 have been very helpful to me this year. I’m so thankful that the Lord provided the time, and the wisdom, for me to get them all written out in January.

Days have a way of quickly becoming weeks and then months. Without a written list of goals that I hope […]

Calm in My Chaos

With Copper working a crazy amount of overtime, and baseball practices ramping up in preparation for the start of the season, life in my house has become busier than normal. Toss in the daily requirements of running a homeschooling household and keeping our orchards, vineyards, berries, etc. irrigated during this dry winter, and […]

Copper’s Day Off – Crunching the Numbers Edition

My husband was home today. Hooray!

We spent a good portion of the day adjusting our budget. It’s not a task either of us particularly relish.

We are, quite happily, debt-free now, with the exception of our home. That made making the budget adjustments for rising utility and food costs a […]

Just Like Riding a Bicycle

I’m a home body by preference. We’ve made some choices in the last few weeks that mean I will be spending more time out and about. William is trying out for baseball this weekend, which means practice days and game days will take me to town a few times a week. I am also taking […]

Goals, Yes! Resolutions, Nope.

We had a fabulous Christmas and spent New Year’s Eve, quietly, here at home watching movies and enjoying a ton of homemade goodies, both sweet and savory. It’s been quite cold and unusually dry. In fact, we’ve needed to run sprinklers on the lawns, and I may irrigate the orchard and vineyard this week if […]

Thoughtful, Busy and Lots Going On!

My head is swimming with projects. Projects to complete in my home that have been languishing for months. Knitting, quilting, embroidery and sewing projects are filling my head, too. I’m jotting them all down, making notes so that they’re not forgotten. I’m adding just a couple at a time into my “creative goals” for the […]