I’m generally not one to jump on bandwagons, but this year I am joining the “word of the year” crowd. I always love reading other folks’ words for the year, but I’m not usually inspired to think about, and choose, a word of the year for myself. As 2014 rolled to a close, though, […]

What’s Ahead in the New Year?

The blog will be on a short break through the first of the year as my family celebrates the new year together. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I’ll continue posting there as we wind down the old year, and welcome in the new, including some fun photos […]

REBOOT: Why the Blog Went Cold and Why It’s Warming Up Again

At the beginning of this little REBOOT series, I promised that I’d try to explain why the blog went cold, or dark, for so long. Here’s what I said then.

“I’ll be posting an explanation of why the blog went cold and, frankly, why it’s been so hard to write for the last few years. […]

Resolutions, Goals, And Grace

It’s hard to look back over our accomplishments, or lack thereof, for the past year with an objective eye. We are either very pleased with what we see, or we feel dismayed. Whatever 2013 brought your way, I hope, as you look back over the year and weigh what you’d hoped would happen, and against […]

One Little Corner – A Gentle Approach to Conquering Clutter

There are times when we need to just dig in and conquer the clutter. That’s where I was the other day when I tackled my desk.

My friend, Kristi, left a comment on that post, and here’s what she said:

“*sigh* A semi went through the middle of my house. Then […]

Lessons From The Bleachers

It’s been an uncommonly rough year for me as I’ve struggled with and through a lot of long-held notions that, it turns out, were all of my own making. I’ve learned a lot about grace this year, though I know I’m only scratching the surface of what I have yet to learn.

In the past, […]

Dwelling on Grace




I want to dwell on grace!

Grace Filled Growing Pains

     Our children inherit an interesting blend of genetic traits from us. We often tease Corin that she got a “double whammy” by inheriting her sentimental, easily moved to tears personality from both my beloved, late mother-in-love and my own, dear departed dad.  It’s sweet, really, and she bears […]

Those Wicked Kissing Cousins!

     I’m fifty-four years old. Most of my hair is gray. Dani says it’s silver, which sounds a lot better than gray, but she loves me and I think her opinion may be biased.

     The point is, I’ve lived a relatively long time, more than half a century in fact; and I’ve learned some […]

Just To Be Clear

Reflecting back on my last post about home keeping schedules, and as I think about home keeping in general, I want to be sure you understand my position.

Please reread the things I especially highlighted in bold type and large font in my last post on this subject. I’ll make it easy […]