It Didn’t Go At All As Planned

Today didn’t go at all as planned! Good thing I hold my plans loosely!



As I’m sure you know, California is in the midst of a very severe drought. It started raining a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve had a lot of rain. The drought is ongoing, but boy, this rain […]

When Holding Your Plans Loosely Breaks Your Heart

I say it often, and I believe it. Though we should make plans for our days, we should hold those plans loosely. We need to be willing to let go of our plans, no matter how good they are, when God makes it clear that He has something different in store for us.

REBOOT: A Quilting Quickie

I finished the quilt for Grandbaby #2 in May. It’s bright and cheerful, just like the boy it was made for.

I took the quilt to church with me one Sunday morning and gave it to him after service. I think he liked it! We took a few more photos at lunch.



Daybook – February 17, 2014

I used to participate in The Simple Woman’s Daybook on a regular basis. With so much going on right now, I thought it might be fun to use her daybook platform, with a few of my own changes, to catch up a bit!

(If you click on the links below, and then make a purchase, […]

Resolutions, Goals, And Grace

It’s hard to look back over our accomplishments, or lack thereof, for the past year with an objective eye. We are either very pleased with what we see, or we feel dismayed. Whatever 2013 brought your way, I hope, as you look back over the year and weigh what you’d hoped would happen, and against […]

Three Ways I Get Things Done!

We all have a lot to accomplish in a day’s time. Whether you’re a full time homemaker or work outside the home, whether your kids get on the school bus in the morning or open their books at your kitchen table, you’ve a lot on your plate. I know. Me, too. Here are three simple […]

Looking Forward to Homeschooling Again

I am very much looking forward to homeschooling this year. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this excited and encouraged about home education. As I shared recently, Will surprised me with a very late request for us to go back to homeschooling “the way we used to”. I am so blessed!

I’m out […]

Well, Alrighty Then!

Hold those plans loosely, girls! I cannot say it often enough, especially when I’m talking to myself.

I was cruising along, enjoying the end of August, thinking about the beginning of September and the fact that Will will be starting high school this year. No worries. We switched to using a boxed curriculum about three […]

Time Management – Schedule or Flow Chart?

Are you a schedule keeper, or are you more of a flow chart kind of gal? Since I frequently remind you to hold your plans loosely, I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that I’m more of a flow chart girl. The irony is the fact that I love schedules.

If you were to […]

What I Did While I Was Away

I want to thank you all for being so gracious during my unplanned time away. I remind you all, frequently, to hold your plans loosely, knowing that the Lord’s plan for your days is always better. It’s still important to plan, of course, but it’s also important to be able to discern when it’s […]