Quick Tip Tuesday – Keeping Your Kitchen Sponge Fresh & Clean

There are a couple of things that really gross me out about a kitchen sponge. The first is picking up a sopping wet sponge. The second is using a sponge that smells. Yuck!!

To keep your kitchen sponge fresh and clean follow these two quick tips! First, rinse out your sponge every time […]

Three Ways I Get Things Done!

We all have a lot to accomplish in a day’s time. Whether you’re a full time homemaker or work outside the home, whether your kids get on the school bus in the morning or open their books at your kitchen table, you’ve a lot on your plate. I know. Me, too. Here are three simple […]

A Word About Using Pinterest As A Tool For Homemakers

Pinterest is a lot of fun. I enjoy spending time on Pinterest pinning things I’ve found online and repinning beautiful, creative or fun pins that others have pinned before me. Pinterest can be a good way to relax, but it can also be a helpful tool in the homemaker’s tool chest if it’s used wisely.


Spiders Are Great Thread Savers

Until recently, I’d never heard of using a “spider” at the sewing machine. In all of my many years of sewing, this handy little tip had never come my way.

The "spider" currently residing on my sewing machine.

I’ve often thought, and even said to my daughter or husband, that sewing wastes […]

Put It On The List

An oft repeated phrase in my home is a variation on the theme of, “Put it on the list.”

“Last powdered sugar, Mom.”, followed by my saying, “Put it on the list.”

Or, not quite as pleasantly, “We’re out of…..” insert any number of things that we might be out of, followed by my […]

Dejunking the Junk Drawer

Do you have a junk drawer in your kitchen? Me, too.

I love this quote from Simple Country Wisdom,

“Every kitchen needs a junk drawer, but it doesn’t have to be junky. Use expandable dividers to organize and separate items. What’s the point of having a really good stash of junk if you can’t find […]