REBOOT: Moving Forward

You all have been wonderful hanging in there with me as I’ve slowly rebooted the blog. I started with a quick “hello” post, and then we caught up a bit. I wrote about what I read while I was away, and gave you a quick quilting update. Then, you all blessed me tremendously with your […]

Great Help For The Mama Of Preschoolers

Homeschooling is hard work, but if you have a preschooler (or two or three) in the mix, your homeschool day can be downright chaotic. Enter Kendra Fletcher’s e-book, Preschoolers and Peace – Homeschooling Older Kids With Success While Loving the Little Ones at Your Feet.


Whether you’re homeschooling a small family with only […]

Looking Forward to Homeschooling Again

I am very much looking forward to homeschooling this year. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this excited and encouraged about home education. As I shared recently, Will surprised me with a very late request for us to go back to homeschooling “the way we used to”. I am so blessed!

I’m out […]

Well, Alrighty Then!

Hold those plans loosely, girls! I cannot say it often enough, especially when I’m talking to myself.

I was cruising along, enjoying the end of August, thinking about the beginning of September and the fact that Will will be starting high school this year. No worries. We switched to using a boxed curriculum about three […]

The S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Acrostic – Sept. 8, 2012

The S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Acrostic.

Sharing my week, as captured in eight photos and eight words, in an acrostic format.


This praying mantis is spending his days under my front porch rail.




Back to school All Stars for me.

All Stars



A catcher must be able to accurately […]

Help for Understanding the Election Process and Electoral College

The Republican National Convention met in Tampa, Florida last week, and the Democratic National Convention will convene in Charlotte, North Carolina this week. Election season is in full swing, but do your kids understand the election process? Do you?

America has a fairly unique process for electing her presidents. Campaigns, primaries, caucuses, party conventions and […]

Hanging On To Summer’s Coat Tails

Summer is flying by! I’m hanging on to her coat tails, trying to slow down the pace, but it’s not working.


Copper and I have found the importance (and luxury) of saving up throughout the year to get away for a few days for our anniversary. Last week we celebrated […]

Copper’s Day Off – A Curriculum Ordering, Home Improving, Productively Sewing Kind of Day

The heat of summer has arrived here in northern California, so we spent the majority of the day working inside. We all were busy with various, separate tasks and managed, between us, to accomplish not much of anything! Days like that happen.

The day was still productive, we just don’t have much to show for […]

The Heart of a Child

We’ve been learning about China on Thursdays. Corin and my six grandbabies try to visit every week on Thursday afternoon. We read. We try to do a craft project. They borrow books to take home. They play. Lots and lots of play!

This year, rather than just reading a random selection […]

Copper’s Day Off – Tip Toeing Back to the Blog Edition

For the first time in several weeks, my husband is home on his Monday off. He’s busy catching up on all those “little” things that have been waiting for him. The boys are working on school and chores and being extremely silly as only teenage boys can be. Dani is unpacking, after spending a few […]