We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Quilt…..

My grandson’s quilt has been put on hold, but only temporarily.

(If you click on the links below, and then make a purchase, some of them may put a few pennies into my pocket. Of course, there is no additional cost to you. I am always grateful to those of you who choose to […]

I Kind Of Miss Reading….

Winter Olympic viewing has been fun for the last week or so, but I kind of miss reading. Actually, I miss it a lot! The excitement of the games has been fun, but I’m actually longing to settle into my chair, put my feet up, and spend some serious time in a book. Next week […]

It’s Been A Good Week!

It’s been a good week! A lot has been accomplished, not the least of which has been that I have finally finished piecing my ten year old grandson’s quilt.

I’m a very, very novice quilter, with only a couple of very simple table runners under my belt, before tackling the quilt for my oldest grandson […]

Progress Is Progress, No Matter How Small

Sometimes, I think, we can get discouraged when we aren’t accomplishing things quite as quickly as we’d like. We’re better served to look at what we have accomplished with gratitude.

I was just sure, when I posted last week about my creativity and reading goals, that I would have finished piecing the […]

Eclectic Summer Crafting

I’ve always been sort of an eclectic reader, preferring to have three or more very different books going at once , which allows me to match my energy level and/or mood to my reading choice. It turns out, I’m every bit as eclectic in my crafting. It’s not unusual for me to have a couple […]

Gardening, Baking, Sewing, Tilling………

I love days like today! We’re all home, we’re all working, but not necessarily together; and at the end of the day, I can look back and see that a great deal was accomplished. Copper will return to work tomorrow, after a week long vacation, and it will seem kind of strange without him here […]

Marking Sewing Bobbins And Completed Projects

Did you know that it is important that your upper threads and your bobbin threads match exactly?? I found this out the hard way several years ago. I had some nice black Gutterman thread threaded onto my machine, and a black bobbin below. My stitches were not right. The upper and lower tensions were […]