Help for Understanding the Election Process and Electoral College

The Republican National Convention met in Tampa, Florida last week, and the Democratic National Convention will convene in Charlotte, North Carolina this week. Election season is in full swing, but do your kids understand the election process? Do you?

America has a fairly unique process for electing her presidents. Campaigns, primaries, caucuses, party conventions and […]

Our Favorite Reads for the Fourth of July

We’re planning our annual outing to the big park in town on the Fourth of July. It’s one of my family’s favorite events of the year! I thought I’d take along a few books for the kids to enjoy during the hottest part of the afternoon, and I’m always up for a read aloud or […]

Celebrate Groundhog Day!

This particular holiday features a special guest named Phil, Punxsutawney Phil! February 2 is Groundhog Day! It’s a cute little tradition, dating back centuries, that started with folks observing animals trying to determine when spring would arrive. Tradition has it, if the groundhog can see his shadow on February 2, we will have six […]

It’s Just Around the Corner

The 4th of July is right around the corner, just one month away. I spent a few minutes today pulling our favorite Independence Day books from the shelf in anticipation of our pre-holiday reading. Here are our favorites:

The Fourth of July Story, by Alice Dalgliesh. We read this one at […]

New or Used? Hardback or Paperback? – Library Builders

As I’ve been building our Heritage Library these last few years, I’ve struggled with the best way to stretch our very sparse book buying dollars. Experience might tell us that buying paperback books would stretch our dollars further. Carried to the next level, buying used paperbacks would probably be the least expensive way to […]

Super Tuesday! – Library Builders

Do you live in a Super Tuesday state? We do! While I very much appreciate the freedom we have in this country to vote our conscience for our elected officials, as well as for other ballot measures, I have not enjoyed the half dozen or so recorded messages I’ve said, “hello” to today alone! Our […]

Snow! – Library Builders

My family does not live in a snowy climate. In fact, though I’ve lived within about 20 miles of where I currently live my entire life (of half a century or so), I can remember having snow that “stuck” only twice. My children, therefore, are really not acquainted with snow, or what living in a […]

Christmas Read Alouds – Library Builders

We have quite a few Christmas books in our Heritage Library. Some are for the very young, and some are for the grown ups. At least half, though, are great read alouds for the family. We really don’t have nearly as many books for this particular holiday as I’d like to have, but every […]

Dani’s List of Books for Children 7 – 11 Years Old – Library Builders

Rather than rely on my puny memory for a list of books that a young girl would enjoy, I asked Dani to make me a list of books she remembered loving at about that age range As it turns out, though I asked for a list for girls, Dani’s list is appropriate for girls AND […]

Thanksgiving Books For Children – A Library Builders Post

This is by no means an exhaustive list of children’s books about Thanksgiving, but these are a few that I will be reading to my boys and the grandbabies during the next few days. These are all books that have a permanent home in our Heritage Library. While this list might be a bit […]