REBOOT: Moving Forward

You all have been wonderful hanging in there with me as I’ve slowly rebooted the blog. I started with a quick “hello” post, and then we caught up a bit. I wrote about what I read while I was away, and gave you a quick quilting update. Then, you all blessed me tremendously with your […]

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Quilt…..

My grandson’s quilt has been put on hold, but only temporarily.

(If you click on the links below, and then make a purchase, some of them may put a few pennies into my pocket. Of course, there is no additional cost to you. I am always grateful to those of you who choose to […]

A Week’s Menu From America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook

I’m a believer in being a life-long learner. Because of that, as the kitchen remodel was nearing completion, I messaged a few friends who share my love of cooking, asking them for some new resources for recipes and cooking techniques. I received half a dozen, or so, good recommendations, and I plan to try them […]


A few years ago, pastor/blogger Tim Challies inspired me to broaden the scope of my reading by including some selections from The New York Times Non-fiction Best Sellers list. Since that time, I’ve read several books from that list, and I’ve learned a lot in the process. With only the rare exception, I’ve enjoyed every […]

The Books & The Parchments – Flashcards to Help in Your Study of God’s Word

A new product recently became available that I’m excited about using ! The Books & The Parchments flashcard set was recently published, and I know that it’s going to really enhance by personal Bible study time.

Typically, each card represents an individual book of the Bible. The title of each book is printed on the […]