Why All Of My Recipes Are Moving To Evernote

I’m moving all of my hundreds of recipes to Evernote. Let me tell you why.

I’ve been married and cooking for two or more people for more than thirty-five years. I’ve collected a lot of recipes during that time and I’ve had various ways of keeping them so they were easy to use – binders, […]

Paperless Homemaking – An Introduction

Though my home is not (yet) entirely paperless, I have made most aspects of my day to day homemaking paperless. My old homemaker’s journals and planners? Paperless. To-Do lists? Paperless. Household schedules and routines? Paperless. Menu planning? Paperless. Recipes? I have hundreds, but even there I am moving towards being completely paperless. […]

There’s An App For That – Why I Use Evernote For Almost Everything

Most of us have computers or smartphones that use apps. We have an app for our grocery list, an app for our recipes, an app to keep track of our yarn or fabric stash, an app for menu planning, an app for homeschool planning, and app for this and an app for that. Too many […]

Staying On Your Own Path – A Look at Comparison

The Bible verse that is the foundation for Copperswife (the blog), is also a very important verse for Copper’s wife – me. And I think it’s important for you, too. Proverbs 31:27 (NASB) says,

“She looks well to the ways of her household, And does not eat the bread of idleness.”



What’s Coming Up Next Week

Just a quick check in to say that, after all the work getting the Recipes Page up and running, I’m taking the the rest of the week away from the blog to catch up with Will and his school work, give my home some much-needed TLC, and get ready for they guys to finish my […]

Looking Well Even When It’s Tough

It’s easy to look well to the ways of your household when things are going smoothly. The kids are getting along, homeschooling is going well, your husband is happy at work, and there are no outside pressures causing you grief (like having your house torn up during a major remodeling project). Unfortunately, life doesn’t generally […]

Dear Homemaker – You Are An Artist!

Homemaking is an art, and you are an artist.

We are created in the image of God. He is The Ultimate Creator, and so we are, by nature, creative. Think not? Well, you are! It’s inherent in the way you are made. That doesn’t mean that each of us is given the […]

Three Ways I Get Things Done!

We all have a lot to accomplish in a day’s time. Whether you’re a full time homemaker or work outside the home, whether your kids get on the school bus in the morning or open their books at your kitchen table, you’ve a lot on your plate. I know. Me, too. Here are three simple […]

Still Working Behind The Scenes

I’m still working behind the scenes, so to speak, to get the archives all unpacked and settled. It’s nice having everything all right here in one location. I am so grateful to Dani for all of her help!


As most big projects go, this one had its share of glitches. I worked until […]

Time Management – Schedule or Flow Chart?

Are you a schedule keeper, or are you more of a flow chart kind of gal? Since I frequently remind you to hold your plans loosely, I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that I’m more of a flow chart girl. The irony is the fact that I love schedules.

If you were to […]