Marvelous Monday – Phonics

     When I was four years old my parents enrolled me in a private, church day school.  It was an interesting choice.  My parents were not Christians, but they joined the church so that I could be enrolled in kindergarten, though I was only four.  Their reasons for making this choice were quite simple.  Though […]

Marvelous Monday – Preschool & Kindergarten

     Kendra and I are winding down our Marvelous Monday series.  We’ll have our final installment next week, unless one of us (or one of you) brings up something we’ve missed!  It seems as though we are ending where, perhaps, we should have begun.  Today we are talking about Preschool and Kindergarten.     I’m stepping into […]

Marvelous Monday – Electives

     Kendra and I have covered almost the entire spectrum of homeschool subjects.  However, we would never be able to cover all the dozens of possible electives you and your children may want to cover.  Cooking.  Woodworking.  Electronics.  Computer Programming.  Horticulture.  Cooking.  Animal Husbandry.  Needlework.  Auto Repair.  Pastry Chef.  The list could, and does, go […]

Marvelous Monday – Geography

           We study a lot of geography here, especially in the pre high school days.  As with most of our subjects, we use a living books approach and that has made all the difference.  No rote memorization of states and capitals here.  We learn about various countries and their peoples and enjoy the […]

Marvelous Monday – Art & Music (the doing)

           It’s easy to overlook the importance of music and art in our homeschools.  However, music and art are essential.  God has created us to worship Him in many ways, including musically.   He has created us in His own image, the image of  the Creator, and giving our children ways to express that […]

Marvelous Monday – Foreign Language

      Foreign languages.  Not.  My.  Forte.  Definitely.  I had two years of high school Spanish, and my husband studied American Sign Language for two years at the college level.  Neither of us have retained much.  I suppose it’s a real case of “use it or lose it”.  I will confess right up front, when it […]

Marvelous Monday – Logic

My family does not “classically” educate. That is, we do not use the Classical Education method. Personally, I think we’re pretty classic, in our own eclectic way. I know that those who do prefer the Classical Education model, consider Logic as a separate and distinct subject. I’m pretty sure you can read more about […]

Marvelous Monday – Science

          We are young earth, seven day creationists here.  You need to know that right up front.  Our children know that the history of the earth’s origins is found in Genesis.  They also know that they live in a fallen, sin-filled world and that some scientists have turned their hearts against God, pursuing […]

Marvelous Monday – Spelling & Handwriting

     I have four children.  Two of my children are fairly natural spellers, and two have a difficult time with spelling.  You’ll not wrangle which two are which out of me!  Though I’ve used some graded spellers in the past, I am now completely sold on Spelling Power.  Though the initial $60 investment may seem […]

Marvelous Monday – English & Grammar

     There are a couple of things I want to mention right up front.  It is important that our children learn to express themselves well.  It is vital that they are able to communicate their ideas verbally.  It is equally important that they are able to convey their thoughts in written form.  Our children need […]