My Family’s Favorite Southwest Quiche

This quiche dish goes together in just a few minutes, and then cooks in a slow(ish) oven for 45 – 50 minutes. It’s the one quiche dish that my family will readily eat. The mild, diced chilies and ground cumin give it a terrific southwestern flair without being spicy. It’s delicious and filling, and good […]

German Pancake With Buttermilk Syrup

German Pancake is one of my family’s favorite breakfast-for-dinner dishes! It would also make a wonderful brunch dish.

It’s really more of an egg dish than a traditional pancake. The pancake puffs up and can almost look semi-souffle like. The pancake itself is quite good, but the thing that makes this so great is […]

Tamara’s Focaccia Recipe

Tonight’s dinner menu – Focaccia and a large green salad

A friend of mine, from days gone by, developed this recipe, and my family has enjoyed it ever since. We use it as a meatless main dish, and everyone loves it, including my husband! I make the dough up with my Kitchen Aid mixer, which […]