When The Menu Plan Doesn’t Happen

My normal Monday Menu Plan post isn’t happening this week. Here’s why!

As I write this, it’s late Saturday evening. We’ve had a busy day. My husband has continued working on the new, custom trim in the dining room and back hall. William is doing several days of hard labor clearing ditches for the neighbors. […]

Still Cooking My Way Through America’s Test Kitchen

I’ve really been enjoying the recipes, and learning a few new things from The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. This will probably be the last week that I cook so many new things from the cookbook, but I really wanted to give it a good workout and then be able to write an honest review […]

The I’m Glad Things Are Back To Normal Menu Plan

Christmas is packed away, my house is, gradually, finding its way back to normalcy, and today we resume our homeschool schedule. It’s nice to have things settling down after the excitement of the holiday season.

My family’s schedule is a bit odd. Aaron works swing shifts, which has him eating breakfast when the rest of […]

This Is Where The Menu Planning Happens

I’ve planned my menus in all sorts of locations – waiting at a doctor’s office, while sipping coffee at Starbuck’s, at the library, or even while sitting in my recliner. My favorite spot for menu planning, or writing in general, is at the table in my parlor. While the kitchen remodel was happening, the parlor […]

A Week’s Menu From America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook

I’m a believer in being a life-long learner. Because of that, as the kitchen remodel was nearing completion, I messaged a few friends who share my love of cooking, asking them for some new resources for recipes and cooking techniques. I received half a dozen, or so, good recommendations, and I plan to try them […]

Back In The Kitchen – Week’s Menu

I was able to start unpacking boxes and moving into my new kitchen Wednesday afternoon. By the end of the day Friday, everything was put away and I was feeling settled enough to make a new-to-me recipe, from scratch. What fun! I cannot tell you how wonderful it’s been to be able to be in […]

Kitchen Transition Week Menu

In some ways it seems like the kitchen remodeling has gone quickly. In other ways, it feels like it’s taking forever! In either case, my kitchen should be done sometime this next week. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to wipe out the insides of the cabinets and drawers, and start unpacking boxes Tuesday evening. […]

Week Three Of Cooking Without A Kitchen

Last week’s menu plan saved the day for me more than once! Knowing what was for dinner, and knowing that it would all pull together fairly quickly and easily, kept us from running out for fast food on at least two separate occasions. Yay for menu planning!

(If you click on the links below, […]

Menu Planning When There Is No Kitchen – Week Two

We’ve been without a kitchen for a week and a half, and we’re doing great. I was right in thinking that clean up would be the biggest problem, and that cooking would be relatively easy. The folks building my new kitchen are super clean and tidy, and I really appreciate that, but it’s a little […]

Planning Meals When There Is No Kitchen

Menu planning. Folks seem to either love it or hate it. I don’t always enjoy the process of menu planning, but I do love the perks. Knowing what’s for dinner every day is a real stress reliever for me. During the seasons that I do not menu plan regularly, my grocery budget soars and we […]