Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real – My Day Out With a Five Year Old

My beloved, late mother-in-love established a tradition of taking her grandchildren out “birthday shopping” for their birthdays in lieu of bringing a gift for them to their parties. She would pick them up, take them to lunch, take them to a movie or some other fun thing to do, and then they’d shop for their […]

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real – Front of My House Edition




Hydrangeas are one of my favorite plants. This one, like the other three across the front of my house, started from tiny, 1 gallon shrubs on sale at Home Depot. A little TLC and a little patience and they are now huge, thriving, and beautiful. In fact, Dani […]

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real – Early Garden Edition




Dani in our blueberry patch.

Pretty –

Dani, my pretty girl, in our blueberry patch. The blueberry bushes are loaded with berries this year. Our freezer will be full!


Happy –

All those blueberries are making me very happy! This is just one small branch […]

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real – May 31, 2012


Lavender Trumpet Vine in full bloom.

PRETTY – This Lavender Trumpet Vine was accidentally mowed down a few years ago. Two years later, it put up new growth, and it’s now doing a grand job of growing and climbing to cover the not-so-pretty chain link fence around our back yard.


Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Pretty – Hydrangeas, ferns, Aloe Vera and the odd tree, all started from cuttings or divided from parent plants. Our little nursery is thriving under Dani’s careful attention.

Happy – Two and a half cords of seasoned almond firewood delivered to our drive way. Just […]

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Pretty – Cream Cheese Pound Cake, Sliced Strawberries fresh from our berry patch, with a dollop of fresh cream, whipped with cocoa and lightly sweetened with sugar.

Happy – Color on my entry way wall! Grateful for a husband who spent the better part of […]

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Pretty. Ya, I know. Flowers. Pretty. Cliche. But here’s the deal. These Thousand Bells were completely destroyed by a hard freeze two years ago. There were a few shoots and a couple of flowers last year, but I planned on dumping the whole thing and replanting it this year. Our […]