Quick Tip Tuesday – Bacon in a Flash!


Breakfast! I like to make hearty, nutritious breakfasts for my guys. Bacon is at the top of their breakfast favorites list, but cooking enough for everyone, can be time consuming. Some mornings I have plenty of time, but other (most!) mornings are too rushed.

I buy my bacon in three pound packages, […]

Where Is It? Keeping Track of Stuff – Quick Tip Tuesday


“Hey, Mom! Do you know where I put…..?”. Sound familiar?

I tend to make sure that there’s a place for everything and that stuff, for the most part, gets put into its proper place. There are lots of little odds and ends, though, that seem to be easily misplaced, and there are other […]

Quick Tip Tuesday – Keeping Your Kitchen Sponge Fresh & Clean

There are a couple of things that really gross me out about a kitchen sponge. The first is picking up a sopping wet sponge. The second is using a sponge that smells. Yuck!!

To keep your kitchen sponge fresh and clean follow these two quick tips! First, rinse out your sponge every time […]