Fancy Almonds For Your Salads – Two Recipes!

I’ve been eyeing those fancy flavored salad almonds at the store. They look wonderful, but they are quite pricey and they are loaded with corn syrup and preservatives. I knew I could do better. Yesterday I picked up some raw sliced almonds and some raw slivered almonds from the bulk foods section of my market. […]

Chicken Waldorf Salad

This sweet chicken salad is especially good paired with whole wheat rolls. Cut the ingredients finely to serve on sliced bread, and a bit more coarsely if you’re going to serve it over greens as a main dish salad. This is especially delicious served in whole grain Pita pockets.


3 boneless, skinless chicken […]

Late Summer Waldorf Salad

This is a fun, late summer take on the classic Waldorf Salad, substituting halved grapes for the raisins. The yogurt-based dressing gives it great flavor and a nice change from the norm. My kids and grandkids loved it!


5 Fuji or Gala (or similar) apples, diced (leave the peels on!) 5 […]

Thelma’s Cherry Pie Jello

Cherry Pie Jello was one of my mom’s recipes. We ALWAYS had Cherry Pie Jello for every holiday, event or family gathering.


Everyone loves this recipe! I don’t even like cherry pie and I love it! This single recipe will make enough for my family to have with dinner for two nights. If […]