Scheduled Homemaking Saves the Day

After two days of play with my family, today I’m happy to be back in my home for the day and to be able to catch up a bit on things. One of the main benefits to scheduled homemaking, is the ability to be able to decide quickly how to catch up after a day […]

It’s Not Always Exciting

Today was a puttering kind of day. No big, exciting projects were undertaken. No earth-shaking cooking going on. Today was a day to just tend to the everyday things that not only make a house a home, but help keep it that way.

The daily chores and all of the weekly chores for […]

Just To Be Clear

Reflecting back on my last post about home keeping schedules, and as I think about home keeping in general, I want to be sure you understand my position.

Please reread the things I especially highlighted in bold type and large font in my last post on this subject. I’ll make it easy […]

Homekeeping Schedules

One of the more practical ways that we can look well to the ways of our households is to keep our homes reasonably clean and orderly. Realistically, none of us have the time to keep our homes white-glove clean all of the time; and I doubt that we’d want to spend our time that […]

Why I Wrote What I Wrote

Remember the post I wrote the other day, the one about The Humble Washer and Honoring Your Husband? I reminded you of Proverbs 31:12 and mentioned that our poor housekeeping can harm our husbands by harming their reputations. I neglected to mention Proverbs 31:23:

“Her husband is known in the gates when he sits among […]

Incremental Approach to Catching Up – OR – How Copper’s Wife Digs Herself Out of a Hole

What happens when you have neglected your household schedule for too long and one, or more, jobs has become too big to manage? Even when you have been faithful to your household routine, sometimes a job gets away from you. There are ways to catch up in even these circumstances. First of all, don’t […]