Looking Forward to Homeschooling Again

I am very much looking forward to homeschooling this year. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this excited and encouraged about home education. As I shared recently, Will surprised me with a very late request for us to go back to homeschooling “the way we used to”. I am so blessed!

I’m out […]

Copper’s Day Off Is Every Day

On March 23, after almost thirty-two years as a deputy sheriff, Copper’s retirement clock finally counted down to zero, and my husband retired. It was a JOYFUL day! (Note – This post contains affiliate links.)

Since that time, we’ve been making our way through all of the changes that come with retirement, though retirement here […]

Six Months Ago Today – or – Happy Six Monthiversary Dani & Sean!

Six months ago today, Dani married the love of her life. In so many ways, it seems like the wedding was just yesterday. Thank you all so very much for patiently waiting for me to share the wedding with you. There are quite a few photos here, but there were so many, many more that […]

The Promise of Summer in the Heart of Winter

I didn’t grow up knowing about gardening and growing food. My parents were both adults during The Great Depression, and my mom was raised as the daughter of a farmer who never owned his own land. The idea of having to garden, or grow your own food out of necessity, was something they never wanted […]

Copper’s Day Off – Red Couch Edition

Today was Copper’s day off. It’s been quite a long while since he’s been home with us on a Monday. All of the overtime he’s been working has been directed toward some needful things in and around our home.


Our big couch was in fairly good shape, the love seat […]

The Saturday Acrostic – October 15, 2011

The Saturday Acrostic – A week end review, using eight pictures and eight words in an acrostic format.

S – A – T – U – R – D – A – Y






Unbelievable! (The recipe is here.)


As often as possible, Corin and my grandbabies visit us on Thursday afternoon. During the summer, the afternoons were spent in the pool. Now that it’s fall, we will start bringing our Thursday afternoons back to their original purpose of being a “library” and craft day.

Today, though, the weather was glorious and it just […]

Fall, Organizing and Technology

Our fall weather arrived in fine style – cloudy skies, cooler days, chilly nights and, yesterday, some rain. I know some would prefer that summer last all year, but I enjoy the seasonal changes. It is, after all, God’s design.

I’m enjoying evening fires in the wood stove and having scented candles […]

Little Things I Loved About Today

I love when the phone rings with one of my grandbabies calling. I love it even more when it’s one of the boys, ages 9 and almost 8, calling for their Uncle William. Today the 9 year old called and he and Will played a private, on-line game together for awhile. With only three and […]

Gardening, Baking, Sewing, Tilling………

I love days like today! We’re all home, we’re all working, but not necessarily together; and at the end of the day, I can look back and see that a great deal was accomplished. Copper will return to work tomorrow, after a week long vacation, and it will seem kind of strange without him here […]