Fred’s Fried Puhtaytuz – My Dad’s Recipe for Fried Potatoes

Not potatoes. Not pertaters. Not even ‘taters. To my dad, they were puhtaytuz (puh TAY tuz). He hailed from Hidalgo, Illinois. Perhaps that pronunciation came from there. Perhaps it came from the fact that, born in 1907, he attended school only through the 6th grade and then began working to help support the family. The […]

Copperswife’s Hearty Mashed Potatoes

My husband was watching me work in the kitchen last night. As I spooned these into the serving bowl, he said, “That looks good!”, and they were!

This is a great way to get nutrient rich spinach onto your family’s table without anyone objecting. The spinach adds some lovely color to family-friendly mashed potatoes, […]

Scalloped Potatoes – Just Like My Mom Made ‘Em

I make my Scalloped Potatoes just like my mom did. No real recipe, of course. However, they are quick and easy and just as good for a company dinner as they are for an everyday family meal. The number of servings is easily adjusted, you’ll just need to use a big enough pan for all […]

Easy Roasted Vegetables -OR- How I Got My Kids To Eat Turnips

Inspired by a wonderful dish that we enjoyed on our cruise, and determined to introduce some different foods to my children, I made this dish to go along with our crock pot chuck roast last night. It was quick and easy to prepare, and it was delicious.

Easy Roasted Vegetables

5 or 6 medium […]